Travel tech: See the sights on your next vacation with these apps

It’s easy to get lost in a city you’ve never been. Luckily you have a tour guide with you at all times: your smartphone. Here's how to use it to navigate any city, find the sights, make your way using public transportation, and hail a cab with ease.

City Sightseeing
The City Sightseeing app lets you hop on and hop off tours by either booking an actual tour bus or downloading guides. Learn about history and other fun facts as your guide leads you along the path of discovery.

Start by searching for a tour using your current location by GPS or choose a city. Then easily tap to select the tour of your choice and you will be directed to information including places of interest along the route, images of the sights, and more suggestions of things to do within that city. Once you pick a tour, click “download guide,” then you can check to see if there is more than one route to take.

If you want to book an actual tour, go through the same process, and select the date of travel, number of tickets and fill in your billing information. Your voucher will be emailed to you, to present at your chosen tour location.

While seeing the sights create a “postcard” with signs, uploaded pictures, and text then send it to family and friends or upload to your social network. You can also take notes of your experience and save memories with diary entries within the app.

The app could even be fun to use in the city you live in, to discover new things you never knew were in your backyard!

Download City Sightseeing: Apple iTunes

Take the fear out of maneuvering public transportation with MetrO. Find the best route from your current location by subway, bus, tram, or railway. The app has transportation information for over 400 cities around the world.  As routes change and evolve, so does MetrO, with updated information and expected travel delays.

You can also check out your surroundings to see what restaurants, parks, historical monuments, and so on are in the area.

Download MetrO: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 86 out of 100

And don’t be late—Cabulous makes it easy to hail a cab with one-touch dialing and a map showing you where taxis are available. The app will give you local cab company numbers so you can dial direct and request an exact location for pick up and drop off. Then save your favorite driver's contact info for future rides.

Download Cabulous: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 82 out of 100

Here's how it works: