The new boom box: Jambox is app-controlled and awesome

Who would think one small box has such power?

The Jambox is a wireless portable speaker that bumps up the sound of all of your media, from music, movies, and sports, to emails, texts, and even Facebook.

An image of an old school boom box outlines the Jambox packaging with writing that says “that was then, this is now” -- and that pretty much says it all.

Let me upgrade you, with this mini, easy-to-carry box that can fill a party thanks to an 85-decibel output. It even comes with a case for protection when you take it on the go, to the beach, at a BBQ, or by the pool, for $199.99.

Here's how it works:

Jambox is also very smart. By downloading the MyTalk app, it learns more about your preferences each time you plug it in. You can customize settings and even re-name your device.

Download MyTalk from JAWBONE.

A slew of apps can be enhanced with the Jambox, here are some of the best:


Wherever and whenever you want music, sports, or news-- TuneIn offers over 50,000 stations from around the world. Search by station, artist, song, or show and even record to your device.

Download TuneIn: Apple iTunes
Download TuneIn: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 92 out of 100


Download Fayzz to read your email, texts and PIN messages out loud so you can be hands free. Just shake your phone to stop a message from being read.

Download Fayzz: Apple iTunes
Download Fayzz: Android Marketplace

eMusic Scenes

Music fans will enjoy the experience of eMusic Scenes – the app takes you through musical movements with videos, written articles, bios, history, radio programs from the time and more.

Download eMusic Scenes: Apple iTunes
Mobilewalla Score: 98 out of 100

Here's how it works:

Some other apps to try out with the help of Jambox are YouTube, hte Discovery Channel App, and Dragon Dictation.

Download Dragon Dictation: Apple iTunes
Download Dragon Dictation: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 98 out of 100

Here's how it works:

Download the Discovery Channel App: Apple iTunes
Download the Discovery Channel app: Android Marketplace
Mobilewalla Score: 58 out of 100