Texas man ‘freaked out’ after finding more than 30 rattlesnakes slithering under shed

Talk about a slithery surprise.

A Texas man was shocked to find more than 30 rattlesnakes hiding under a dilapidated hunting shed at his ranch earlier this month.

Bobby Cowan and two of his friends were at Cowan’s property in Gorman to work on a windmill there, the San Antonio Express-News reported. At one point, the trio noticed a rattlesnake making its way under an old, abandoned hunting shed, prompting the men to use a machine to lift the structure in search of the rattler.


"As soon as we lifted up the building, we slammed it right back down because there were so many of them."

— Bobby Cowan

Little did they know that the elusive serpent wasn't alone. Dozens of rattlesnakes were hiding under the structure, a now-viral video of the event shows.

"We were definitely — what's the right word — freaked out, maybe," Cowan told the newspaper, estimating there were more than 30 rattlers under the shed.

"Very, very surprised. As soon as we lifted up the building, we slammed it right back down because there were so many of them,” he added.

The men decided to lift the shed once more, which allowed one of Cowan’s friends, Matt Stanley, to capture chilling footage of the snakes.

"We knew we weren't in that much danger if we didn't get too close, and so then we were able to look at them," Cowan told the newspaper, adding he's only come across a "handful" of snakes in more than a decade at the Gorman ranch.

The men then used long sticks and trash cans to remove and relocate the rattlesnakes to another part of Cowan’s property that was not near any livestock.

Cowan -- who told the San Antonio Express-News he counted 36 rattlers but said there could have been at least 50 -- later took to Facebook with the video of the snakes. As of Wednesday afternoon, it had more than three million views and 54,000 shares.

Bobby Cowan did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for additional comment on Wednesday.