Raiders of the Lost Journal? Package mailed to Indiana Jones

A package addressed to “Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr.” — aka Indiana Jones — first stumped its recipient, the University of Chicago Admissions Department, this week.

Then it won the department’s admiration.


“Why? How? Did you make it? Why so awesome?” the admissions department asked on Tumblr.

The department called itself “completely baffled as to why this was sent to us, in mostly a good way” — and is seeking the sender’s ID to congratulate them.

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The package, received on Wednesday, was addressed to the fictitious Chicago alum Indiana Jones — the swashbuckling archeologist played by Harrison Ford in the franchise of box-office hits.

Inside was a detailed replica of the journal of Indy’s mentor — Chicago professor Abner Ravenwood — from the first film, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Also enclosed were photos of daughter Marion Ravenwood, early 20th-century replica money and replica stamps of the era — mostly made by hand.

School officials consider the fake stamps a clue: that the package was dropped into inter-campus mail, not mailed.