See the animal kingdom from a whole new perspective.

The team that brought you "Body Worlds" -- the traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies -- has something brand new up its sleeve: animals.

Employing once again the "plastination" process, invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens at the Anatomical Institute of Heidelberg University in 1977, the new exhibition, dubbed Animals Inside Out, provides a never before look at nearly 100 different animal species -- from giraffes, to elephants, and even sharks.

While zoos present animals in environments that resemble their natural habitat, Animals Inside Out give onlookers a peek inside, "into a 3rd dimension of experience."

With their special technique of preservation, the crew replaces all liquids and soluble fats with solvents, and then later resins or elastomers. Once the specimen is hardened, the final product is resistant to decay and completely odorless.

The exhibit is currently touring large zoological gardens, museums of natural history, and popular science centers around the world. Animals Inside Out opens April 6 at the Natural History Museum in London.