Yahoo is reporting that Taiwanese researchers are developing hydrogen powered cell phone chargers, the latest in a line of efforts by scientists and technology manufacturers to move beyond fossil fuel powers. Hydrogen gets a bad rap, as a source of energy; people associate it with the Hindenburg disaster and assume that the gas is dangerously volatile. The Rocky Mountain Institute explains it for us:  "The hydrogen gas that once filled the Hindenburg zeppelin did burn, but it did so quickly, upwardly, and away from the people below."

But to the matter at hand--cell phone rechargers. The device can recharge a phone battery in 2 hours, according to scientists at the Industrial Technology Research Institute in north Taiwan's Hsinchu city. "Hydrogen is a recyclable material. The device is energy-efficient and will help protect the environment," said Tsau Fanghei, a researcher at the institute.

"We will continue to improve the invention. We hope the hydrogen-powered device can replace current cell phone recharge systems in 2012."

For more information, read the full story at Yahoo Tech.