Fearless deer approaches hunters, licks rifle

Three hunters were shocked when a deer approached them and began licking a rifle one was firing.

One of the men fired off several rounds, but the fearless deer didn't even flinch. "He's not even freaking out," said the man videotaping the encounter.

When he notices that the deer walking up to a man laying on the ground with a rifle, the videotaper yells out, "Hey Tim, hold [fire]!"

When that hunter, identified only as Tim, realizes that the deer had boldly walked straight towards him and his gun, he stops firing. Tim and the cameraman then pet the deer, who begins to sniff the rifle. To the amazement of the hunters, the deer calmly eats some grass directly around their rifle and even proceeds to lick the gun itself.

"He's licking the gun!" the cameraman exclaims. He notes that next time they go hunting they won’t need any decoys to lure in deer because this animal will be their "natural deer attractor."

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The story ends well -- the impressed hunters let the deer walk away unharmed, although it was unlikely to have been in any danger in the first place. Hunters don't generally target fawns.

Watch the video below (WARNING: graphic language):