Craigslist seller claims to have 'gently used' SpaceX rocket

A “gently used” SpaceX rocket could apparently be yours.

An advertisement appeared on Craigslist last week for what looks to be the rocket. A picture listed with the advertisement shows the “orbital launch vehicle” floating in water.

“Fully loaded with onboard flight computer, launch and landing hardware,” the ad states. “Take off and land anywhere! 9X Merlin engines each capable of producing 200k lb.ft of thrust. Just fuel it up and it's ready to go. Says Falcon 9 on the body, slight burnt paint can be buffed out.”

Ad on Craigslist for the SpaceX rocket.

Ad on Craigslist for the SpaceX rocket. (Craigslist screencap)

The advertiser does caution any potential buyers that they must bring their own tug boat because there is no shipping.

How much is the going rate for the rocket? A mere $9.9 million or “best offer.”

The advertiser will also accept Bitcoin.