Caught on video: Wildebeest 'revives' dying friend

This isn’t something you normally see in the wild.

A tourist captured on video a wildebeest helping bring its dying friend back to life as it lay on the side of a road in South Africa.


Bradley Ballantyne, 46, told that he saw the scene unfold in Martloth Park, just outside of Kruger National Park, one of the country’s most popular wildlife viewing spots. It's unclear when it took place, but the video appeared online this week.

The footage showed one wildebeest trying to push the other back to its feet.

“I kept recording, and to my amazement the 'dead' animal got to its feet and they both ran away,” Ballantyne told the website. “The animals bolted past my car, I drove after them for a few seconds but they ran into thick bush and was unable to follow them.”

Ballantyne said he later heard from a source in the park that the animal had to be euthanized by rangers “due to the extent of its injuries and its inability to walk properly.”