Bathroom surprise: Anaconda found in Virginia toilet

You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, but a snake in a toilet is the real-life stuff of nightmares.

On Dec. 27, after the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia got a call about a snake in a toilet in an apartment building in the county, an officer ventured out to the scene— and then she returned with a juvenile yellow anaconda.

The snake— which has since been dubbed Sir Hiss— was likely someone’s pet, and it either was abandoned or managed to get out of its enclosure, according to Chelsea Lindsey, communications specialist for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

“They are quite strong,” Lindsey told


Anacondas are constrictors native to South America, and generally like the water, Lindsey said. That’s what likely drew it to the toilet, although she said it’s unclear whether it came through the pipes or simply made its way to the bathroom and then slithered into the toilet.

“If only he could talk,” Lindsey added.

According to Lindsey, while it’s not illegal for people to own constrictors like an anaconda in Arlington County, anyone considering taking on such a pet should be cautious and do research first. After all, the snakes’ natural place is in the wild— and anacondas can grow up to 13 feet long.


The serpent is now in the care of a snake specialist. Lindsey said they don’t know its exact length, but estimate it to be between four and five feet long— the snake was scared when it came in, and they didn’t want to uncoil it.

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