Five scientists participating in an expedition on Russia’s Troynoy island have reported back to headquarters with some unbearable news.

Over the weekend, the group said that its base was surrounded by about 10 polar bears they were not equipped to scare away, according to Newsweek, citing Russian state news agency Itar-Tass.

The unexpected guests have stalled some research efforts. Vadim Plotnikov, head of the expedition, said that at least four bears are seen from the base at any given time.

“As of Saturday, a female bear has practically been sleeping under the Arctic station’s windows,” he said. “Part of the hydro-meteorological observations have been suspended since the experts are obstructed from reaching the station platform and other observation points.”

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Vasily Shevchenko, the head of the state observatory that manages the base, said the base has been in constant contact with the expedition members.

Newsweek reported that officials will most likely deliver pyrotechnics and guard dogs to the scientists, in the hope they will eventually help scare the bears away. The delivery will take about a month.

“We recommended the base personnel to tread carefully and with caution, not to leave the premises of the building, conducting only accessible observation,” Shevchenko said.