9-foot alligator wrangled out of Florida homeowner's pool

Just another day in the Sunshine state.

Florida police say they had to assist a trapper Thursday after a 9-foot alligator was spotted taking a dip in an Odessa homeowners’ pool.

A video posted online by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shows the gator thrashing about as it was wrangled out of the water. A rubber duck pool toy, sporting a pair of shades, didn’t seem to mind the ruckus as it bobbed nearby.

“WOW - No fear from “Mr. Duck,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

The homeowner, Suanne Wesselhoff, suspects the creature sneaked through a ripped section of her screened-in backyard patio. She said she was tipped off to the unwanted visitor after her dogs began barking.

"They kept sort of barking and kind of acting a little strange and for some reason, I looked over at the pool and I saw…what turned out to be a 9-foot alligator just lounging in my pool," she told WFTS.

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Police with the alligator after it was taken out of the pool (Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office)

The incident Thursday is just the latest in a series of alligators taking dips in Florida pools.

A homeowner in Sarasota in early April said he found an 11-foot alligator taking a swim after hearing noise coming from the backyard.