Would You Rather Live in Wayne Manor or a Fortress of Solitude?

With Batman and Superman set to face off on the big screen, we pondered the question of who'd win. No, not in a battle of strength (that would be Superman, duh), or super codpieces, or even luxurious capes, but rather who had the coolest pad?

On the pages of DC Comics and the subsequent flicks, Superman maintained a crystal castle -- like lair in the polar region. This icy, spiky home -- known as the Fortress of Solitude -- offered Kal-El a place to recharge and be alone with his do-gooder thoughts.

Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) had Wayne Manor, a grand old mansion where he tucked away his rich-dude alter ego, accompanied only by one cranky manservant and occasional sleepovers from the Boy Wonder. Plus, it was outfitted with the original Batcave -- the room responsible for spawning the man cave movement.

Batman was actually a pretty twisted guy.

Sparked by the new movie, we activated our special housing vision to spot residences where either of the two superheroes might feel right at home. Fly along with us as we trace three solitude-worthy homes and three homes that brought Wayne Manor to mind.

Do you need a Fortress of Solitude…

2945 Upper Red Rock Loop Rd, Sedona, AZ

Price: $1,749,000

Solitude says: Located in an area known for crystal-based spiritual healing, this home blends seamlessly into its surroundings -- making it a truly super getaway.

-- -- --

17965 Mountain View Rd, Sisters, OR

Price: $2,350,000

Solitude says: Known as Famous Tree, this Oregon home sits on 41 acres of high desert land. The design goal "was to make the house look like it fell out of the sky." That's an origin story we can get behind!

-- -- --

1353 Rocky Ridge Rd, Fort Bidwell, CA

Price: $1,600,000

Solitude says: This lakeside cabin is all about privacy. Located on 320 acres in a remote corner of California, the property listing notes, "Start your family legacy in this well maintained compound." A concept Jor-El would surely endorse. (Maybe not General Zod, though.)

-- -- --

… or your very own Wayne Manor?

864 Stradella Rd, Los Angeles, CA

Price: $48,500,000

Manor factor: Desire instant cred? This L.A. home has already been featured in a movie of its own. But for the purposes of Bat-readiness, we'll focus on the home's garage and the luxurious cars that lurk within. Because Batman loves cars.

-- -- --

1101 E Warner Rd Unit 112, Tempe, AZ

Price: $4,500,000

Manor factor: If you descend into a cave, you need a way back out. What better way to ascend from the dark lair than with a Batman-themed elevator? This desert home comes fully equipped with its own movie theater, a car collector's garage, and plenty of security features -- including a thumbprint scanner. Pow!

-- -- --

151 Sarles St, Mount Kisco, NY

Price: $23,000,000

Manor factor: Reportedly, the latest movie portrays a dilapidated Wayne Manor, but this elegant home known as Glencliff Estate will remind you of the good ol' days. Its stately brick exterior and old-money vibe make us feel as if Alfred is lurking right behind the front door. (He does like to lurk, that Alfred.)

-- -- --

OK, so what's the super takeaway? Of the two superhero homes, creating a Fortress of Solitude is probably easier to achieve. Depending on your definition of "fortress," it could be a broom closet with a yoga mat or a castle nestled into a mountain.

Photo: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures