Would You Pay $4.2 Million for the Flinstones House?

If you've driven down the Bay Area's I-280 anytime since, say, 1976, you've seen it: the brightly colored domes, made of shotcrete and wire, that make up what's known around these parts as the "Flinstone House" -- let's call it a "futuristic prehistoric" look.

The big news all over town? The faux-primative icon is for sale. And for just $4.2 million!

"We felt that's a pretty good price for a landmark," Realtor Judy Meuschke, of San Francisco and Peninsula Realtor, told NBC.

But this is no prehistoric piece of architecture. The three-bed, two-bath, 2730-square foot house at 45 Berryessa Way in Hillsborough, CA, has a kitchen designed by architect Eugene Tsui; steel coiled doors designed by "Burning Man artist" Dan Das Mann; and custom glass created by John Lewis Glass Studio.

The interwebs were all abuzz with news of the home's listings yesterday, not necessarily because so many people wanted to buy it, but because so many thousands of people had always wanted to get a look inside.

One thing we learned from looking at the pictures: residents of the Flinstones house have just as good a view of I-280 drivers as those drivers do of the house.

Who lives there now? Meuschke won't say. The resident of 19 years, she told NBC, is moving on. He or she should have enough money after the sale to take Fred, Wilma and the whole gang on a decent vacation. The last sold price was purportedly $800,000 in 1996.