Tiny House in Long Beach Fits a Family of Four -- and Then Some

You don't have to ditch your dream of a tiny home simply because you have children. Stop fantasizing, and purchase this vintage one-bedroom Craftsman for $395,000 in Long Beach, CA, which has housed a growing family for the past eight years with plenty of storage (and sunshine) to spare.

After raising a boy and a girl in the 511-square-foot space thanks to careful bunk-bed placement, the current family is ready to move on. Turns out mixed-gender siblings don't want to share space forever. Who knew?

Jokes aside, a fond farewell has created a prime opportunity for families looking for low-cost housing in the notoriously pricey Long Beach area. As long as you're willing to squeeze in, that is.

"The current owners have been as happy as clams -- and they have two dogs," says listing agent Shari Posey of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. "Goes to show a family of four can live in a tiny home."

Especially a home as stunning as this one. Despite the small footprint, smart design and clever storage solutions make this itty-bitty space feel downright spacious. An opening above the bedroom door provides access to attic storage, a closet runs along one wall beside the bed, tucked away behind frosted glass doors. Kitchen cabinets run wall to wall around the stove and microwave, with wire open shelving offering even more space for your pots and pans.

"The kitchen is tiny, but it has everything you need," says Posey, including full-sized appliances and plenty of counter space. "The walk-around space is maybe four feet by two feet, so you can reach everything you need by putting your hand out. It's full size, but very compact."

Neutral walls and breezy decor make the small home feel livable -- as does the open floor plan, which wastes no square footage with unnecessary hallways. The main living space offers room for lounging and dining without feeling cramped, and the sole bathroom is sunny and modern, with plenty of room to stretch your feet.

The fully renovated backyard offers outdoor living with tiny-home style. On this curious triangular lot, the current homeowners have built a glorious mountain on a former molehill -- or rather, a former "patch of dirt," says Posey. Brick floors, plenty of overhead lighting, and corrugated aluminum fences make the yard feel hip and spacious.

"It's kind of magical back there, with great lighting for entertaining at night," Posey says. "What it lacks in horizontal space, it makes up for by utilizing vertical space."

But the new owners won't be confined to their tiny home and small backyard. The lot backs directly onto the Long Beach Greenbelt. Granted, the part of the park directly adjacent to the home is still under development, but upon completion, it will exponentially increase nearby outdoor space.

There's no need to wait for your fun in the sun, though: The house is just a mile's walk from the beach. Surf's up!