This Intriguing New Orleans Mansion Is an Eclectic Mix of Old and New

New Orleans is an eclectic mix of basically everything we love about architecture, and this stately home -- spanning six decades of style -- has all that kitchen-sink charm rolled into one classic home.

Listed for $875,000, the five-bedroom home in New Orleans' Fontainebleau neighborhood has a lot going on. On the outside, it is a circa 1949 Georgian-style estate built by architect Paul G. Charbonnet Jr. On the inside, the home is a reflection of its two owners. (Only two families have owned this home since it was built over six decades ago.)

The living spaces are a fascinating blend of new and old. You'll find the old disappearing spiral staircase, as well as the formal parlor with a Georgian fireplace and chandelier that looks as if it stepped out of the 19th century.

Then there's the stunning and thoroughly modern study, which earns our vote for most reflective room.

The unique study features wall-to-wall mirrors on each side, a gray ceiling, black tile flooring, and a lighted, art deco -- style bar. There's even a mirrored fireplace!

But the time hop doesn't stop there. Upstairs, there are five bedrooms that whipsaw back to the 19th-century vibe, all decorated with lush carpets, wainscoting, and vintage wallpaper. If you're into a mix-and-match home that spans a variety of styles and periods, this fascinating blend might be the pot of gumbo you're in search of.