The 'Full House' Reboot Is Coming Soon -- Check Out the Home's New Look

Many a fan of the '80s sitcom " Full House" has made the pilgrimage to the San Francisco home where the three men and three young girls had their misadventures. (Actually four young girls, but that's counting both Olsen twins who, you'll recall, played one person. But you knew that, right?) Ah, the memories…. Remember when Stephanie got chicken pox and spread it to Jesse and Joey? Or when D.J. was freaking out about the SATs and Uncle Jesse stuffed a walkie-talkie into a breakfast burrito so he could feed her the answers? We're still chuckling over that one.

The upcoming Netflix spinoff series, " Fuller House," has reunited most of the cast (sans the Olsen twins, sadly) and, more importantly, brought the iconic home back into the spotlight -- and with a new, colorful paint job, it looks better than ever. On Thursday, "Full House" and "Fuller House" star Candace Cameron Bure posted a photo of herself in front of it, with these words: "Welcome to my childhood home."

OK, it was actually a replica of the original "Full House" house that's being built on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA, for the new show.

A lot of viewers mistakenly thought the original house was one of San Francisco's famous Victorian homes known as the Painted Ladies," but the real house used for the exterior shots, at 1709 Broderick St., is a less elaborate building in Lower Pacific Heights. At the time of the show, it was painted all white, with a red door.

Wonder what they did with the inside? You'll have to wait for "Fuller House" to be released, sometime in 2016. In the meantime, maybe you want to gush over it with 150,000 other fans on Facebook.