Stylish landline phones

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While it may seem that the cell phone has completely taken over, many homeowners still hold onto their landlines. There are good reasons for this.

During power outages or wind storms, like the one that suddenly stopped San Diego electrical service in September of 2011, cellular service can be cut off. Traditional landlines are often buried underground, or easily accessible when above ground, and are generally more stable in an emergency.

In addition to safety concerns, there are family relationship issues. If an elderly relative who doesn’t have a cell phone comes to visit (or moves in), he may feel cut off from his connections without an available telephone. Likewise, a part of the education of growing children is telephone etiquette, including how to ask to speak with someone and how to answer a call and take a message for a sibling or parent. These simple life skills can be the building blocks for future behaviors.

At some point, landlines will likely be a thing of the past, but in the meantime, there are still many on the market that are stylish and functional, whether they are vintage replicas of days gone by or more modern and high-tech-looking with all the bells and whistles.

Crosley Country Kitchen Phone: Bringing back the 1920’s farmhouse look, this oak and bronze telephone features push button technology along with a speaker and hold/mute functions. The handset is cordless allowing the user to roam free from the base station – a definite upgrade from days gone by!  ($99.95)

Victoria Trading Company’s Antique Replica Telephone: The Antique Replica Telephone brings to mind the elegant black and white movies from the 1930’s, in which ladies lounged in their boudoirs or bathtubs while gossiping on the phone with girlfriends. While not packed with modern day technologies such as caller identification, it does have push button technology and redial. What more does one need while taking a bath? ($129.95)

Crosley 302 Desk and Wall Phones: Bringing back the Machine Age, Crosley’s 302 Desk and Wall telephones come in brushed chrome that is both modern and vintage in its appeal. Today’s high tech gadgets are handy, but not always aesthetically beautiful. These retro-chic telephones, while not super high tech, are beautiful to look at and would add a definite point of interest to any space. ($54.99)

Sagemcom’s Sixty Cordless Telephone: France’s Sagemcom is bringing back the swinging sixties with its newly released Sixty cordless telephone. This modern take on a classic sixties handset phone is filled with all the modern tech equipment of today such as an LCD screen on the base and a cordless handset. The phone comes in black, white or orange. ($157.98)

Gihawoo Design’s Phone on Board: As clean and modern as one could wish, the Gihawoo Phone on Board is as streamlined a landline as one is likely to see. The design is based on how one uses a telephone and what is usually around a landline on a counter or desk such as pens, paper, clips and the like. The board itself acts as a whiteboard for messages and the phone is cordless for ease of use. (Price or purchasing unknown.)

VTech’s Trimstyle Telephone: The Trimstyle Telephone is a basic, old-fashioned, no-power-needed, telephone. In a prolonged power outage, cordless landline telephones are of no use and cell phone batteries may eventually die. If you live in an area that is prone to have power outages, a basic telephone and landline may be all you have to keep connected to the outside world. This Trimstyle telephone is just that. Keep a few on hand to plug in when the power goes out. ($7.95)

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