Should Snooki Really Be Flipping Houses?

Word on the street is Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's "Jersey Shore" fame is back on the reality circuit -- or perhaps we should say, realty circuit. This time, she's flipping houses with her husband, Jionni LaValle, according to Where, you ask? Where else? The Jersey Shore, of course! The entire process is being filmed for the FYI docuseries, "Nicole & Jionni's Shore Flip."

This got us thinking, as closeted fans of her MTV show, would we trust Polizzi to manage a real estate "situation"? Here are five reasons we say, "Yes!"

1. She's the queen of transformation

We all know one of the keys to a great flip is a major aesthetic transformation. Case in point: The reality regular successfully transitioned from stumbling party girl Snooki to respectable C-list star Nicole Polizzi (note the name drop). Imagine how gorgeous those countertops will be!

2. If Vanilla Ice can do it, so can Polizzi

Ice, best known for soaking in a hot tub and riffing off David Bowie and Queen in "Ice Ice Baby," is now an incredibly successful house flipper in Florida and in the sixth season of his DIY Network show, "The Vanilla Ice Project."

3. She knows the area

Polizzi is the Jersey Shore, though Pauly D might argue that. She spent at least six seasons in the beach locale. According to Investopedia, one of the five most important requirements for successful flipping is knowing the area. Bang!

4. She knows someone handy

Her husband is pitching in with manual labor and demo work. "Polizzi and LaValle will work as a team to flip houses … with Polizzi taking charge on the decorating and LaValle working on the building and repairs," reports

5. You can say you bought a house from Snooki

OK, that's more of a daydream than a reason.

"Nicole & Jionni's Shore Flip" premieres on FYI in early 2016.