Pray on the Possibilities: Converted Church Is for Sale in Northern California

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Walking through the historic district of Sutter Creek, CA, you're likely to pass a distinct piece of this town's charm, a modest Presbyterian church. From the street, the building appears to have everything you'd expect: cathedral windows, a steeple, plenty of crosses, and double doors through which the flock could enter. More features worthy of worship can also be found beyond the curb.

Listed for $895,700, this house of worship was built in 1898 and converted into a private home 12 years ago. And despite the renovations, much of the building's saintly feel remains intact.

The shape of the church, including the design of the rooms, is mostly the same. A small entryway leads into the family room, which formerly was the main sanctuary. The pews were removed to make way for a large, open living space. You might think you were in a typical living room if it weren't for the peaked ceiling, cathedral windows, and one key piece of history sitting at the back.

"There is an original, antique confessional booth sitting in the rear corner of the main family room," says listing agent Paula "PJ" Johnsen. "It is in great shape, very ornate and beautiful." Got some sins to confess? Crave some alone time? This booth is for you.

On the other side of the family room, built-in bookshelves cover the back wall, with an antique pew on each side. And the altar was given a unique twist, literally.

"The altar rotates 180 degrees. When you turn it around, there is a TV on the other side," says Johnsen.

In the rear of the church is a fully equipped kitchen and dining space blessed with historical charm. The kitchen has a wood-burning oven, a turn-of-the-century gas stove, and an antique hutch.

The converted master suite is massive, but the master bathroom is the true place of sanctuary. On one side, a deep spa tub sits next to a large cathedral window. On another side, a religious mural adds intrigue.

In addition to the church, the property includes a five-bedroom building and a former dormitory.

Johnsen believes the home would be perfect for a family or a business owner, because the property can be used for residential or commercial purposes. But whoever ends up buying this property will get more than a new home or office. "All of the antiques you see in the photos are coming with the home," Johnsen says. Hallelujah!

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