OK, Is the 'Glam Room' Really Becoming a Thing? A Realtor.com Investigation

The "glam room" -- it's everywhere! Iggy Azalea supposedly has one. Kim Kardashian herself might have coined the phrase. Now comes Caitlyn Jenner, whose glam-room plans made almost as many headlines as her transition: The plans were "leaked," according to the Inquisitr. It will be "stuffed with designer dresses, chic dcor and expensive make-up," said The Mirror. "We're totally going to rock this place!" Jenner told UsWeekly.

So, because we are all about the hard-hitting investigations over here, I dug into the issue. We need to answer the important questions, starting with this: What in the world is a glam room, anyway?

"A glam room is a dedicated area where you would get prepared to go out that's suitable for people to come help you do it," says Gary Gold, real estate agent to the richest and famousest of them all. "Literally, it's like a workshop to get dolled up where they're bringing in a pit crew. A glam room is a a dressing room when you have a pit crew."

There you have it, folks. Say it with us now: Glam room! This is a hot new luxury trend, right?

Wrong! When I asked Gold about it, he totally wasn't having it. He. Shut. It. Down.

"The only time I've actually heard someone make that a thing was Kim (Kardashian)," he says. "Not that many people need a special room like that to go out on a daily basis."

I mean, really. Gold was all, like, " no glam room for you!"

He first heard the term four years ago, when he was showing homes to Kardashian and she said, "Well, this could be my glam room." Somehow, he knew exactly what she meant. It's more than a closet, more than a vanity, and even more than a dressing room -- a term you don't hear very often today but used to appear in affluent homes in the 1920s and 1930s.

So it's not really a widespread thing. Then why are we writing about the glam room? Well, in the event it ever does become the next big thing, just remember you read it here first.

In the meantime, check out these listings for homes with insane closets and bathrooms, plus commentary from Gold himself. (We thought these spaces constituted glam rooms. Gold does not agree.) Whatever you call this kind of room, it's a fact I'll never even have the Herms bag to put in it. # sadpanda

-- -- --

Address: 47 Grand Regency Cir, The Woodlands, TX
Price: $11,200,000
Rank on the Jenner-Kardashian Index: Kim
Gold nuggets: "I sell elaborate freaking houses -- this is maybe the most outrageous closet I've ever seen. It looks like Neiman Marcus."

-- -- --

Address: 1717 Enclave Ct, Las Vegas, NV
Price: $28,000,000
Rank on the Jenner-Kardashian Index: Kris
Gold nuggets: "It literally looks like you've got your own store in your house -- it's unbelievable. That's about getting the buzz, if you will, of shopping. That is crack cocaine for women who like clothes."

-- -- --

Address: 4433 River Garden Trl, Austin, TX
Price: $16,900,00
Rank on the Jenner-Kardashian Index: Somewhere between Kendall and Khloe
Gold nuggets: "You wanna call it a glam room? Call it a glam room. It's a nice room."

-- -- --

Address: 19 Shell Bch, Newport Coast, CA
Price: $19,950,000
Rank on the Jenner-Kardashian Index: Caitlyn
Gold nuggets: "This is preblow bar. This is not a young person's house. What's happening here is this lady is all about re-creating having a hair salon. Her idea of living large isn't going to the spa -- it's going to the salon and getting a mani-pedi."

-- -- --

Address: 18001 Wagner Rd, Los Gatos, CA
Price: $14,498,000
Rank on the Jenner-Kardashian Index: Rob
Gold nuggets: "The same way the other people were trying to re-create shopping, these people are trying to re-create going to the Wynn. They've even got the complimentary robes out. I mean, c'mon -- who puts out complimentary robes for themselves?"

-- -- --

Address: 10048 Cielo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA
Price: $24,000,000
Rank on the Jenner-Kardashian Index: Kourtney
Gold nuggets: "They took a room and they turned it into a closet where you can hang out. And I think it's kinda cool. Is it a glam room? No. It's a giant closet. They've created a living area in their closet where you can go visit their clothes."

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