No Pussyfooting! Keep a Close Eye on Your Cat When Moving

Your feline friends find comfort in routine, so disruption can cause stress for them. When it's time to move, make sure to take precautions by prepping your cat for the transition.

Keep tabs on your cat during the moving chaos -- the last thing you want is your cat wandering away while you're busy with moving. On moving day, designate a room for your kitty and keep it behind the room's closed door. If you will need access to all rooms, try putting your cat in its carrier instead.

When you transport your cat, make sure it is comfortable in its carrier. It may howl and cry while you're making your way to your new home, so try putting a towel over the crate to keep it calm. Make sure your cat has comfy blankets and/or towels in the crate. If you feel that your kitty may be overly stressed by the change of scenery, check with your vet about putting it on anti-anxiety medication prior to your move.

Upon arrival at your new place, keep your cat in a quiet area away from the hubbub of unloading. Again, make sure it's a place that won't allow your cat to stray too far. Once the movers have left, you can expect your kitty to be skittish and a bit curious. Let your cat explore your new surroundings, but don't let it go outside unsupervised.

As you move in, you will also want to make sure your new place is cat-proof. Look for exposed cords or wires, windows without screens, or tight spaces where your kitty could get stuck. Clean up any concerns and also make sure that your cat is surrounded with familiar items -- toys, blankets, food -- that will help it form a bond with its new home.

After a couple of weeks, your cat should be familiarized with its new surroundings. When you feel comfortable that your cat knows where home is, you can let your it wander around outside. Keep a bowl of food outside so your kitty has a familiar smell to return to.

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