NFL Hall of Famer Willie Roaf Buys in West Palm Beach

Willie Roaf didn't even walk through the front door of his new home in West Palm Beach, FL -- the retired NFL Hall of Famer bought the $1.05 million home sight unseen shortly after selling his mansion in Orange County, CA.

According to listing agent Jeff Lichtenstein, co-owner of, Roaf and his wife, Angela, bought the property over the phone. "We had lots of pictures, video -- aerial drone, night shots, the whole nine yards; it paid off."

Lichtenstein says the former New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle known as "Big Nasty" was looking for a large, private place. His new home, a five-bedroom Mediterranean in the gated golf course community of Bay Hill Estates, fit the bill. "He's a big guy, and he wanted it to be spacious. He said, 'How high are the ceilings?' I said, '18 feet,' and he said 'No Baloney?'"

Lichtenstein says the 6-foot-5 former pro also wanted to escape California's extra large 13.3% personal income tax rate. Florida has no income tax. Plus, according to Lichtenstein, other athletes live in the area so Roaf would be around familiar faces.

Notable features of the 5,343-square-foot mansion built in 1999 include a living space with double-coffered ceilings, marble and hardwood flooring, a large loggia, and an Olympic-size pool.

"It closed within 30 to 40 days. Good timing, no drama, easy transaction, and everyone loved working with him," says Lichtenstein. "He could have canceled it within a 10-day period, but they loved the house."

This is the third property the six-time All-Pro has purchased in two years, although perhaps the big guy is finally settling down. Lichtenstein says the pad is his and his wife's new main residence.