If our angsty teen selves could see Trent Reznor now, they'd be shocked. The former Nine Inch Nails frontman (and backman, and everythingman) has won an Oscar (for scoring "The Social Network") and is now chief creative officer of Apple's Beats Music streaming service. No one-hit wonder, him. And Reznor's artistic evolution is clear from his modern, elegant Beverly Hills home, which just hit the market at $4,495,000. You might not be an Apple exec, a Hollywood composer, or a '90s rock musician, but you can still grab elements of his style -- for less.

Open-air lounge: Outdoor living rooms are a staple in Beverly Hills, and they've become increasingly popular across the country. Reznor's outdoor seating area creates a cozy, sexy space that's great for entertaining. Although his high-end designer furniture is definitely on the expensive side, it doesn't have to cost a mint to create a relaxed environment. These great chairs from World Market have the same vibe as Reznor's, but they cost only $250.

Open kitchen shelving: Instead of an island with a closed cabinetry back, Reznor's kitchen has open shelving cubes, which serve as art by selectively displaying chunky white serving pieces. Reznor's custom kitchen island look can be re-created for a fraction of the cost with off-the-rack shelving units like this Kallax model, which can be set on its side for the same look -- and for only $65.

Sculptural gardenscape: Reznor's garden is framed by clusters of white bamboo poles, which create a modern sculptural gardenscape. This is such an easy look to create and inexpensive, too. Cluster groups of 10 of the 1-inch-by-8-foot poles together and arrange them at various heights as Reznor has done, then evenly space them around the yard perimeter. Here's a good spot to buy 50 bamboo poles for just over $100.

Synthetic lawn: Reznor's yard is perfect, real grass -- a no-no in drought-affected Southern California. To get the same flawless green yard, synthetic lawn is a great drought-friendly solution. While synthetic lawn can be a bit expensive at around $10 per square foot installed, here's a good DIY option that runs about $4 per square foot.

Industrial lighting: Edison bulbs and exposed cords have been all the rage in lighting the past several years, and they give vintage character to Reznor's modern architectural home. While custom chandeliers like his can cost thousands of dollars, you can get this great budget-friendly option for only $260.

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