Living on the Edge: Geraldo Rivera Cuts Price on Waterfront Jersey Home

TV personality Geraldo Rivera didn't strike gold when he opened Al Capone's vault in 1986, but three decades later, he's created a gem of a home with his multilevel Edgewater, NJ, co-op, now on the market for $2.88 million.

The home sits in the Edgewater Colony, a co-operative of homes that traces its roots back to 1948. Because it's part of a co-op, taxes for the home are relatively low, says listing agent Lisa Poggi.

But low taxes are far from its only attraction.

The home boasts one of the very few private docks along the Jersey side of the Hudson. Rivera's den, where he's written two books, faces the dock and the river, providing a quiet retreat for writing or just contemplating the river and city beyond. The home also sits adjacent to Palisades Park Rec Area, with 12 miles of hiking trails, which offers hard-to-find open space in the crowded NYC metro area.

"It's one place along the riverfront where you can actually hear birds," Poggi says.

The river probably inspired Rivera to design the three-bedroom, three-full and two-half-bath interior to resemble a sailing ship. Ship carpenters were brought in to craft wooden cabinets and other elements for the state-of-the-art kitchen. Other notable features of the home include a koi pond and dockside pool.

Rivera designed the home in 2000 as his bachelor pad, and remained there after he married and had a child with his new wife. He also bought other units in the colony for family, creating a compound of four homes, Poggi explains. He's since sold one and now has the other on the market, Poggi says. Last year, he bought a Manhattan condo for $5.6 million.

The Edgewater home, which Rivera calls the Edge, was originally listed with another agent for $3.75 million in May 2015. It was relisted this March for $2.95 million and had its price cut to $2.88 million in April. Current prices in the colony range from a low of $679,000 for what's described as a cottage that would probably be torn down for new construction, to a high of $3.475 million for another riverfront property.

But those comparables can't compare to the place where Rivera took an infamous semi-nude selfie back in 2013. To recreate the moment where it happened, you'll just have to buy the Edge.