Chip and Joanna Gaines announced they were having a baby in January, and since then, "Fixer Upper" fans have been patiently waiting to see just how the couple were going to turn out the nursery decor. Would we see shiplap walls? How about handmade furniture? Perhaps a few nursery-friendly items from their collection with Target?

Well, a week ago we finally got a glimpse of their son Crew's nursery, a space that Chip said would be "the most beautiful room in the whole house." The new mama of five posted a picture on her personal Instagram.

"Jo has had a ball working on the nursery," Chip told Country Living in May. "It’s been eight years since we’ve done a nursery for ourselves, and she’s really been having fun with picking out details like colors and bedding and the crib."

It's clear that Joanna stuck with what she knows when designing the nursery. The room is welcoming, rustic, and modern with a plush rug, what looks like an antique changing station, a sleek, black crib, and a tall fiddle-leaf fig tree.

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"I want the room to feel cozy with warm contrasts in colors and textures," Joanna told Real Simple in June.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features inside the Gaineses' new baby nursery, shall we?

Trendy baby bouncer

The baby bouncer Gaines chose has a comfy, minimalist look.

The baby bouncer Gaines chose has a comfy, minimalist look. (Charlie Crane)

The most interesting thing about little Crew's nursery (at least what we've seen of it thus far) is his wooden baby bouncer, which is by Parisian baby furniture company Charlie Crane ($239, charliecrane.fr). Both comfortable and minimalist, it has a simple design that fits right in with the "cozy" aesthetic Joanna had planned for the room.

Fans couldn't help but comment on the bouncer, including NFL player J.J. Watt, who asked, "Where can I get a grown-up version of this?" Watt also tagged his girlfriend, Houston Dash women's soccer team captain Kealia Ohai.

If you're looking to get your hands on one, you'll likely have to be patient; it's already on backorder at Scandiborn.com. It is available at Smallable.com, but shipping will cost you a pretty penny — $62 to be exact.

Still, if there's one thing we know about Jo it's that she's a trendsetter, so we wouldn't be surprised to see similar-looking baby bouncers popping up in the near future.

Cool-gray wall paint

While Jo hasn't revealed the exact paint color she used on her son's nursery walls (stay tuned), it seems likely that she would choose a paint color from her Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paint collection.

A sleek gray wall color will certainly stay cool as kids grow up.

A sleek gray wall color will certainly stay cool as kids grow up. (Magnolia)

Looking at the photo, it's clear she went with her initial inspiration of something a bit moodier than the typical pastel hues that are often seen in nurseries.

"I have a few darker shades in mind," she told Real Simple. After looking through the entire Magnolia paint collection, we'd wager the winner is Cement Pots, a soft and cool gray with a tranquil blue hue that's still very gender-neutral.

Baby-friendly houseplant

A plant is an surefire way to freshen up any bedroom in the house.

A plant is an surefire way to freshen up any bedroom in the house. (Amazon.com)

Houseplants literally add a breath of fresh air to any room, so it makes sense that Joanna would want to put one in her baby's nursery. The specific plant she selected, the fiddle-leaf fig, is great because the leaves are up high and out of a grabby baby's reach. Even the pot it's planted in is baby-friendly, made of hardy ceramic and tall enough so Crew can't reach inside — at least for now.

Throw blanket with pompoms

We love the Moroccan influence of the blanket that Joanna chose to drape over Crew's crib. The silver-blue color with thin stripes coordinates well with the wall color and white floor-length curtains.

While some might question whether or not pompoms could be a choking hazard, parenting coach Christina Gavendra recommends making sure the pompoms are tied really tight to the blanket, especially after washes.

The blanket Joanna chose looks cozy but not too heavy, maybe a cotton-linen blend — perfect for that Texas heat.

This story originally appeared on Realtor.com.