How to get started with spring cleaning

The temperate weather of spring is a blessing after a cold, harsh winter, and is the perfect time to remove the clutter from your life.

Open the windows for fresh air
With such beautiful weather outside, the thought of staying indoors for housework can sound awful, but if you think of spring cleaning as a chore, you're looking at it the wrong way. Now that the air outside is pleasant, you can turn off the artificial air that's been warming your house for winter. Open your windows and let the fresh air drift through and naturally ventilate your home. Don't look at a comforting spring breeze and the air you breathe indoors as separate entities. Combine them in harmony.

Remove clutter
Over time we accumulate clutter. When you purchase a DVD, book or magazine, you benefit from the entertainment or wisdom these media provide. However, if you don't use these possessions, over time they simply accumulate with other neglected items and take up space. You have essentially transformed your living area into storage space, which doesn't bode well for a clutter-free life.

Trim the non-essentials. For books you aren't going to read or reference again ever, give them to others or sell them at a garage sale. Someone might enjoy the book, so keep the positivity moving forward. Maybe you will be on the receiving end of equally charitable actions. If you want to hang onto the book (just in case), pack it away and put it out of sight. It doesn't need to take up space in your living room.

Cleaning can be therapeutic
How you organize your home is a reflection of your mind. Since your environment affects you, make it the perfect environment to give you peace and tranquility. Deep clean your carpets and remove all the dust you can from your home. Move furniture and large appliances to reach previously inaccessible areas.

Put some elbow grease into the hard surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen. There is a certain sense of pride and contentment that comes from a job well done, but don't think of truly cleaning your home as a challenging task. It can also yield mental benefits as a retreat from the noise and distractions of everyday life. Focus on the task at hand and take this time to think of the new season and where you are in life.

Clean your refrigerator and bed linens
In the spirit of the season, make everything new. Change the blankets and sheets on your bed. Do your laundry. Empty your refrigerator of anything that you will never eat.

Test carbon monoxide detectors
This is an important task to complete for your security. It's easy to forget about, so why not incorporate it into your spring cleaning?

Integrate a plant
For those interested in feng shui, potted plants can add new energy to your home. They boost air quality and rid pollutants from the air you breathe, and bring pleasing aesthetic value to your living space.