How many times does your house fit in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's mansion?

Celebrity homes -- the words bring images of dazzling marble entrances, rows of customized Bentleys, and sparkling Olympic-size pools to our eyes. And rightly so -- have you ever seen such an exquisite place to call home? Normal people’s houses just don’t compare.

To be fair, normal people also usually can’t get away with lying publicly for more than a decade about doping and still manage to hold on to a rather attractive 8,000-square-foot property, among other real estate.

But that’s beside our point.

After hearing the latest rumors about Kim and Kanye’s 14,000-square-foot future Bel Air home, we needed to do some computations to wrap our heads around such a large number. (That’s Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, in case you aren’t in the know).

What better way to understand the size of Kimye’s future house than to compare it to our own (measly) living quarters?

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    Turns out their house is more than five and a half times larger than the average American’s.

    We didn’t stop there, though. We went above and beyond, calculating the difference between our house and the largest of those larger-than-life celebrity mansions.

    Homes on Steroids: Celebrity Edition

    To give you a starting point, we’ll compare some of our favorite celeb-monstrosities to the average American home.

    Standing approximately 2,500 square feet, your resident suburban house runs larger than those of your parents and grandparents and residents of other countries. And yet, it still looks like a micro apartment compared to the homes -- or should we say, mansions -- of our beloved celebrities.

    There’s no need to take our word for it -- we’ll show you just how crazy-huge rich people’s homes are. (Feel free to gasp, faint, cry, whatever you need to feel better about yourself.)

    Here’s how many times the average American home could fit inside these ten celebrities’ mansions:

    1. Lovable Lance Armstrong’s Austin home of 8,000 square feet: Just over 3 times
    2. Ryan Seacrest’s 9,200-square-foot house: More than 3 and ½ times
    3. Rihanna’s 11,000-square-foot mansion: 4.4 times
    4. David Beckham’s 13,000-square-foot Beverly Hills home: 5 and ¼ times
    5. Kim K. and Kanye’s 14,000-square-foot home: 5 and ½ times
    6. Tom Brady’s 22,000-square-foot Los Angeles mansion: 8.8 times
    7. Oprah’s 23,000-square-foot California mansion: 9 times
    8. Will Smith’s 25,000-square-foot Calabasas home: 10 times
    9. Michael Jordan’s 28,000-square-foot residence: More than 11 times
    10. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s 31,000-square-foot house: 12.4 times

    Now just imagine what they could do with all that extra money if they bought houses a little closer to the size of ours.

    Maybe they could be model citizens and help pay off our national deficit. (Hey, a blogger can dream, right?)


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