Houses of the Holy: 8 Real Homes With Their Own Chapels

No more guilt! There are no excuses to skip a day (or night) of worship if you're just a few short steps from your own chapel. It might just be the ultimate indulgence for the faithful, whatever particular faith that happens to be. Maybe you want to have actual congregations in your abode. Or perhaps you just like the whole religious vibe. Either way, it sure makes attending services easier -- you'll need to bring only your own coffee and snacks after a daily devotional.

To find some awe-inspiring sacred spaces, we studied the good book of real estate. What we found were eight properties that offer stunning houses, endless acres, and their very own secluded chapel.

Whether you use the chapel for weddings, worship, or just preaching to the choir, we promise not to judge. There's no guarantee if a higher power will do the same.

7535 Highway 20, Anacortes, WA

Price: $8.9 million

The gospel: Some consider nature a chapel, but why not let your home pull double duty? The little white church tucked away on this 87-acre lot on the Washington coast is the picture-perfect venue for a wedding ceremony. Surrounded by wooded, equestrian land and adjacent to a small pond, your private chapel is also a serene escape for personal reflection.

-- -- --

11370 Longwater Chase Ct, Ft. Myers, FL

Price: $5,995,000

The gospel: Prefer to pray by the ocean? This Mediterranean-style villa in Florida offers all the amenities a Renaissance-era Italian might expect -- including a chapel with all the trimmings. From a gorgeously detailed fresco on the ceiling to stained glass and saint statuettes, you'll never dare to forget your biblical lore when kneeling at the wooden pews (backed in red velvet, of course).

-- -- --

711 Camino Corrales, Santa Fe, NM

Price: $4.25 million

The gospel: This Santa Fe stunner offers an intimate, Spanish-inspired chapel. Covered in adobe and featuring a stone floor, this small space offers room for two devotees to light a candle. Bright, colorful dcor and painted figures around the altar complete the soul-soothing Southwestern vibe. You won't be hosting a sermon in the space, but it's a private, calm space for contemplation.

-- -- --

4501 N Stevens St, Tacoma, WA

Price: $5.55 million

The gospel: It's clear Washington loves its private chapels -- although this 5,800-square-foot Tacoma sanctuary on a 5-acre plot of land is more like a full-on church. With room for at least 140, this sacred space could host your own congregation. Your flock can even enjoy a holiday meal on the premises: The nearby education building (!) offers a commercial kitchen with plenty of space for an enormous spread.

-- -- --

368 Bailey Rd, Sterling, CT

Price: $4.5 million

The gospel: Have simpler goals than founding your own megachurch? Try this castle-like chapel on for size. It has room for plenty of guests, while offering a far more rustic setting perfect for quiet contemplation. The stone walls, wood-beamed ceiling, and elegant pews are picturesque enough for even the pickiest bride, and 345 surrounding acres provide more than enough space for a reception tent or three.

-- -- --

15 Ivjohaje Ranch Rd, Pojoaque, NM

Price: $2.95 million

The gospel: If you liked the look of the tiny, adobe-walled chapel in Santa Fe but need more space, consider this Spanish Eclectic -- style church, located on a 40-acre ranch. Quirky green pews, ironwork doors, and a statuesque altar give the room major personality.

-- -- --

2010 Pine Dr, Dickinson, TX

Price: $2.75 million

The gospel: Everything's bigger in Texas -- and this barrel-ceilinged chapel located on a wooded 13-acre lot is no exception. Sure, the space fits only about 25, but something in the dcor feels irresistibly grand. With stained-glass windows and intricately painted ceilings towering over the pews, this sanctuary is proof that holiness can come with a sense of style.

-- -- --

37110 Saint Andrews Fairway, Prairieville, LA

Price: $2.3 million

The gospel: Are we sure this Louisiana town isn't called Prayerville? Because this itty-bitty chapel deserves the moniker -- partly because that's about all you can do in it. Built from brick, this little chapel may not offer tons of space, but privacy lends itself to serenity. When you're tired of all the other amenities on the 2-acre lot, including a pool and courtyard, step inside the chapel for peace and quiet.

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