HGTV star Jonathan Scott on the dos and don'ts of bedroom décor

"Property Brothers" star Jonathan Scott claims to have “the most comfortable bedroom in the world,” and we’re inclined to believe him.

A good night’s sleep is very important to the HGTV personality — so much so that he recently helped design his very own special-edition mattress for Stearns and Foster. But according to Scott, getting a truly restful night of sleep takes more than a great mattress. Everything from the bedding to the furniture, and even the room’s paint color, can prevent us from getting some solid shut-eye.


In honor of National Sleep Awareness Week, Fox News caught up with one-half of the "Prop Bros" team to discuss his top tips for creating a relaxing sleeping space — and he let us know exactly where we’re going wrong in the bedroom. (Style-wise, of course.)

Scott designed a special-edition Reserve Collection mattress with Stearns and Foster, seen here.

Scott designed a special-edition Reserve Collection mattress with Stearns and Foster, seen here. (Stearns and Foster) What are some design elements that negatively affect sleep?

Jonathan Scott: One of the things I always caution people on is color. Some people, maybe they love like a vibrant red or something like that. But the problem is, color evokes emotion. And if you wake up and there’s this jarring, shocking color, it’s going to ruin all of the rest and relaxation that you’ve made … If you love reds, you can use little pops of red in the décor in subtle ways, but you would never want to do a whole wall in something like that

The other one is just having a bad mattress. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the room looks; if you have a bad mattress, you’re going to have a bad sleep.

How can homeowners re-design their bedroom for better sleep?

One, move your workspace out of the bedroom. If you want to set the mood in a bedroom, you cannot have anything that takes you away from that relaxing vibe. So don’t have a workspace. Don’t have a desk. Don’t have something that reminds you that you have emails outstanding.

Two, get rid of the clutter. Nothing is more stressful than a crazy cluttered space with kids’ toys in the master bedroom. Kids’ toys belong in the kids’ room, or the playroom. They do not belong in the adult space.

Scott's incorporates fall/winter design elements to bring a cozier feel to the bedroom.

Scott's incorporates fall/winter design elements to bring a cozier feel to the bedroom.

And third, understand what your partner wants [décor-wise], but also what you want out of the space. And from season to season, it changes. In the winter, we want something that’s a little warmer, a little cozier, a little more inviting, so you want to make sure you have maybe thicker blankets, and layer them with faux fur and some throws. Same thing for your drapes. Swap your lighter curtains or sheers out for heavier drapes, because that helps keep the warmth in. Your styling for your taste, but also for the season.

Good to know. Anything else?

One of the mistakes I see a lot of people make, it’s a very small thing, but it’s good to know and think about: Furniture placement is key. Every room has a different ideal layout for where the bed should be. You don’t generally want it by the window, because it’s colder by the window, but also you don’t want to obstruct the light with the headboard. But most people don’t think about it. You also shouldn’t put the bed right under a head vent, or an AC vent, because if it’s blowing on you all night, it affects your sleep.


Scott showcases his take on spring/summer bedroom decor.

Scott showcases his take on spring/summer bedroom decor.

What’s one thing we’ll always find in your bedroom?

I have the most comfortable bedroom in the world … so you will always find very comfortable sheets. My bed has my sheets on it right now — I designed a whole bedding collection — but again I designed it with what I thought was missing in the marketplace: a good thread count, I have a tensile material in there, so it’s very soft on the skin, very breathable. So yeah, I think good sheets, because that’s what’s contacting your skin throughout your sleep. Good sheets are very important.

Finally, what’s one design element you never recommend for a bedroom?

Don’t hang weaponry over your bed. Bad in an earthquake.