Forget Toilet Paper Cozies! 8 Modern Home Decor Goodies You Can Knit

Looking for a home DIY project? Maybe one you could even do while you're Netflix-binging? Have you thought of knitting?

No, really, we're serious.

Sure, that suggestion might have given you a flashback to Grandma's house, but we're not talking about doilies and toilet paper cozies here. Modern knitted designs, from poufs to rugs, are anything but frilly and formal -- if it's textile, you can knit it.

We found eight clever designs you'd actually be proud to display in your home.

The big poufs

If you're not lucky enough to own a sectional, a pouf is an answer to your prayers. These mobile ottomans have a ton of uses, as footrests or additional seating for guests. The only problem? The store brands usually carry a hefty price tag. Enter the Puff Daddy, a knitting pattern from yarn company Pickles that you can make for a fraction of the cost.

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A modern bedspread

Going for a modern feel in your bedroom? The Optic Blanket from yarn company Purl Soho might be your answer. The geometric design is simple and engaging at the same time, and while the project seems massive, it's broken down into easy-to-do chunks with a repeating pattern so you can get through it quickly.

-- -- --

A cozy rug

A well-placed rug can really tie a room together, but rugs don't come cheap -- that is unless you make them yourself. The Big Stitch Knit Rug design from Purl Soho is soft enough to delight your toes, with plenty of texture to add a bit of charm to your room. And thanks to the incredibly thick yarn, this DIY project will speed by.

-- -- --

Plants that won't die

Like the look of cacti but know that your black thumb would find a way to kill even the most indestructible of plants? Knit your own, and you'll never need to worry about overwatering again. This knitted cactus from the Yarn Loop is a mixed-media project. Knit the cactus, stuff it in a small terra-cotta pot, and finish it off with pins to get the pointy cactus look.

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Retro macram plant hanger

Macram plant hangers are back from the '70s in a big way. We're seeing these boho throwbacks showing up everywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom. Want to make your own? This design from Pam Powers Knits has step-by-step instructions for creating your own terrarium hanger (plant design included).

-- -- --

A vintage basket

If you own stuff (like, you know, piles of yarn), you need baskets -- lots of baskets. This retro owl design from Etsy artist CrochetEverAfter proves those baskets don't have to be ugly, and they don't have to be store-bought.

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Teeny Christmas trees

Need to up your holiday decorating game? These tiny Christmas trees from Etsy artist deniza17 use a wine cork as a base, and a simple collection of them turns any table into a holiday display. The best part? You have months to get these done.

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Updated planters

Want to dress up some cheap pots? These Fair Isle planter cozies from Knit Picks have an awesomely Southwestern vibe and come in three sizes, proving you don't have to limit your knitting to the indoors.

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