Famed Writer Gore Vidal's Estate for Sale in Los Angeles

Three years after Gore Vidal's death, his estate in Los Angeles has been updated and relisted for $5.7 million. Gone are some of Vidal's unique touches -- ceiling artwork, heavy velvet curtains, and himself, refusing to move for the photographer -- in favor of traditional, but still romantic and stunning, Mediterranean style.

Vidal wore many hats: novelist, political commentator, and essayist known for his acerbic and satirical tone; a Democratic politician who campaigned for the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, and California governorship; and a tireless cultural and political critic up until his death in 2012.

His home is an impeccable model of Mediterranean architecture, with pristine plaster walls, intricate ironwork banisters, and tile work.

The indoor-outdoor living room is the ideal spot to spend a lazy afternoon. Neutral walls and the white box ceiling capture the sunlight, and the curved, hand-carved fireplace provides warmth and color when evening hits.

The master bedroom and bathroom add a dash of modernity to the home, which was built in 1929, with hardwood floors, spacious seating areas, and a large tiled tub and shower.

The back patio is an oasis where greenery and tiered gardens with rock walls tower over a small pool and lounge area. Around the corner, you'll find a large deck with plenty of room to entertain your friends in serious style.