Erez Eisen of Infected Mushroom Selling Music-Friendly Pad in Studio City

Erez Eisen, one-half of the Israeli psychedelic trance DJ duo known as Infected Mushroom, is selling his charming 1,525-square-foot house in Studio City, CA, for $999,000.

Eisen bought the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home in August 2013 for $820,000. He's looking for something bigger because he's expecting a child, says listing agent Burt Bakman. We're not sure who the expectant mother is, but the DJ is no longer dating Tara Reid.

The traditional-style home sits on a 6,635-square-foot lot and includes a recording studio, where Eisen recorded Infected Mushroom's new album, " Converting Vegetarians II," and produced a track for Lady Gaga's " Artpop" album.

While the house may be small, Bakman says you can buy a teardown for this price and that it's "common play" for an investor to "buy for a million, tear it down, put up a bigger one for two-and-a-quarter" million. So for a family actually looking to move into the area, this turnkey property is "rare" at a bit under a $1 million, the agent says.

Along with installing the recording studio -- which used to be an office -- Eisen also updated the kitchen and living room. He's sticking around the Studio City area, as his kids attend school there.