Don't Refuse These 5 Stylish Refuse Bins

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You already know that you can buy a high-design chicken coop, a high-design cat bed, and a high-design doghouse. (Yes, they make fancy versions of all manners of pedestrian objects -- and not just ones for pets.)

Today, we bring you the high-design version of the lowly trash can. The contents may be rubbish, but that doesn't mean the container should be.

Single Master Waste Bin by Wesco, $128.99

We're fond of the almond-colored power-coated steel on this handsome fella, though it also comes in white, black, and red. This one is 2 gallons, but it comes in other sizes.

-- -- --

VIPP Spot Bin by Damien Hirst, $475

If you weren't impressed by the sleek lines of the traditional VIPP, perhaps one designed by a world-renowned artist will catch your eye. Damien Hirst's colorful dots are a lot nicer to look at than the piece he made with the cow.

-- -- --

Spaceboy Waste Bin by Wesco, $349.99

How did you ever store your trash in something so backward-looking as a plain cylinder? This Spaceboy also comes in red, almond, and space-age "new silver."

-- -- --

Korzina Garbage Can by Karim Rashid for Casamania, $325

Korzina sounds quite exotic, though in reality it's close to the Russian word for "can" -- but what a nice can! It also comes in pink, orange, blue, and silver.

-- -- --

Trash Bin by Magis $144

Made of injection-molded polypropylene (plastic!), the Magis trash bin also comes in beige and black. You can get them in two sizes and in four-packs, each of the same color.