Compare the World's Priciest Home to America's Priciest Home

No house in the U.S. approaches the sale price of the Chateau Louis XIV, an opulent residence near Versailles, France. The contemporary chateau took nearly four years to build, using the exact techniques and materials from the 17th century. The painstaking re-creation paid off, as it recently sold for a staggering $301 million to a Middle Eastern buyer who desires anonymity, according to BloombergBusiness.

Compare that sale price to the most expensive home currently for sale in America, Le Palais Royal, which recently raised its price to a wallet-crushing $159 million. A bargain by comparison? The sprawling estate in Hillsboro Beach, FL, originally hit the market in September 2014 for a relatively modest $139 million.

Along the beach just north of Miami, The Palais can't claim proximity to Versailles, but it is most definitely inspired by the Palace of Versailles (like another high-profile Florida megamansion). Let's see how these two massive mansions compare.

The Chateau Louis XIV boasts 53,800 square feet, which is no small amount of space. However, Le Palais Royal weighs in at a more massive 60,500 square feet.

America's most expensive home wins the size battle, but does it have moats? Sadly, no. Florida's grand estate is moatless, unlike the Chateau Louis XIV, which doesn't have just one moat, it has several. That said, La Palais Royal does have eight waterfalls. You'll have to judge which water-based amenity is more important for your lifestyle.

Here we see Chateau Louis XIV's striking gold-leaf fountain, one of the most stunning features of the French estate.

Speaking of waterworks, Le Palais Royal also features a gold-leaf fountain. However, the absence of animals cast in precious metal makes the Florida mansion's water feature pale in comparison to its French counterpart.

Both the French chateau and the Florida manse feature in-home theaters, because no one wants a commoner kicking the back of your seat. Chateau Louis XIV features cinema-quality seats in plush red, walls in the same crimson shade, and a popcorn cart.

Le Palais Royal's home theater is also done in shades of red. But did we mention it has Imax?! The Palais lays claim to the first private installation of an Imax screen. Go big or go home.

And no massive mansion comparison would be complete without a quick peek into the salle de bain. The Chateau Louis XIV features a perfect circle of a marble tub, a decidedly not-too-shabby spot to enjoy a soak.

Le Palais Royal also features plenty of marble, like, everywhere. In fact, the Florida monster also has a marble staircase that cost a cool $2 million.

The two record-breaking homes are each lusciously luxe in their own way, with exteriors causing even the most jaded of jaws to drop.

The only thing Chateau Louis XIV is missing is an ocean view