Castles Across the USA: A Roundup of Royal Residences

Hear ye, hear ye, royal subjects: Behold, a list of castles for sale that would inspire envy even in the (heaving) bosoms of the "Game of Thrones" cast.

In fact, the HBO fantasy returns on April 24 for its sixth season -- and the news keeps getting better (unless you're Jon Snow): You can live like a king or queen without going through all that "you win or you die" nonsense. And you don't even need to move to Westeros. Nope, these fortresses can be found in the good ol' USA.

In honor of the return of the epic HBO drama, we're showcasing places to park your own Iron Throne. Simply scroll down to find just the one that royally suits you.

Hankering for a turreted stone building in upstate New York? That's available. Or perhaps you'd prefer your castle made of concrete and located in the wilds of Wisconsin? It's on the market as well. A "magic kingdom" in Ben Lomond, CA, includes a dungeon with a wet bar to entertain the realm.

Hey, they say your home is your castle. Why not make it the real thing?

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W6902 Prospect Rd, Beaver Dam, WI

Price: $1,500,000

Majestic detail: Your own castle in the land of cheese might be a royal target for any cracker baron.

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2114 NE Crestview Dr, Newport, OR

Price: $399,000

Majestic detail: This suburban stronghold doesn't look kingly from the outside, but the home's interior is worth jousting for.

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3716 N White Chapel Blvd, Southlake, TX

Price: $4,900,000

Majestic detail: Deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, this castle is a Texas-size dwelling suited for a royal cowboy.

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3453 E Co 18 1/2, Yuma, AZ

Price: $495,000

Majestic detail: A former title holder in our survey of the most popular homes of the week, this desert castle comes with a faux drawbridge.

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18505 Crossview Rd, Boyds, MD

Price: $1,500,000

Majestic detail: Guarded by a fire-spewing dragon, Redwall Castle takes its cues from a series of popular novels.

-- -- --

38838 Birch Creek Ln, Yucaipa, CA

Price: $895,000

Majestic detail: This palace is a bargain! Originally listed for $4.9 million, it's now awaiting a prince willing to part with less than a million bucks.

-- -- --

450 Brickyard Rd, Woodstock, CT

Price: $39,000,000

Majestic detail: This enormous castle has been on the market for almost two years. One of our most popular homes of 2015, this home's price has dropped from the original asking price of $45 million.

-- -- --

18 Skyline Dr, Bolton Landing, NY

Price: $12,800,000

Majestic detail: Known as Highlands Castle, this stone structure offers turrets, a hidden passageway, and a secret staircase.

-- -- --

2991-2999 S Lake City Rd, Fayetteville, AR

Price: $9,700,000

Majestic detail: The Dromborg has dropped over $5 million from its original asking price, but it's still the most expensive home in Arkansas.

-- -- --

22 N Garfield Ave, Wenatchee, WA

Price: $2,000,888

Majestic detail: The Craigmuir Castle was built in 1929 using locally sourced granite.

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1739 Crystal Ridge Ct, Riverside, CA

Price: $1,699,000

Majestic detail: This castle in the Inland Empire comes with custom stained-glass windows and a nearly 30-foot-tall entry room.

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10217 Cedar Pond Dr, Vienna, VA

Price: $2,150,000

Majestic detail: Made of brick and stone, this charming castle offers modern amenities, including a sauna, wine cellar, and swimming pool.

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Undisclosed address, Lehighton, PA

Price: $2,990,000

Majestic detail: Currently under construction, this "Medieval Castle is being built in a picturesque setting overlooking Beltzville Lake." There's no word on how much green it'll take to bring the castle to completion.

-- -- --

3015 Lincoln Rd, Oak Brook, IL

Price: $4,200,000

Majestic detail: No one will hear the cries of a petulant prince from inside these 18-inch-thick walls. Our advice? Soothe the royal heir and allow him to run wild in the royal billiard room.

-- -- --

16815 S Pacific, Sunset Beach, CA

Price: $8,988,000

Majestic detail: A castle on the ocean? Just south of Long Beach, the Sand Castle is a "home for romantic realists."

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61 Carter Notch Rd, Jackson, NH

Price: $1,350,000

Majestic detail: Wentworth Castle is billed as "one of the finest homes in the White Mountains." Built in the 1890s as a wedding gift for a General Wentworth, the home also resides on the National Register of Historic Places.

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8161 Santa Juanita Ave, Orangevale, CA

Price: $1,250,000

Majestic detail: This European-style castle sits on almost 7 acres of land and awaits a queen who adores horses.

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9699 Highway 9, Ben Lomond, CA

Price: $1,199,000

Majestic detail: Howden's Castle in the Santa Cruz Mountains is only an hour away from Silicon Valley. We advise steering clear of the Dungeon Room unless you like libations.

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