Apocalypse Now? Survive the End of the World in Style in a $17.5M Bunker

If there's a prepper in your life who demands only the very best, we've got you covered -- truly covered. We've unearthed an amazingly equipped and deluxe private bunker on the market. Listed for a whopping $17.5 million, this state-of-the art lair in Tifton, GA, has everything you need to start your own vault society.

Inspired by our devotion to the post-apocalyptic video game Fallout, we counted eight ways in which this massive bunker would be the perfect place to ride out the next few decades underground. Vault-Tec would be proud.

1. It can survive the big one

You'll be fully prepared if international relations take a drastic turn for the worse. According to the listing, this bunker can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast, thanks to 3-foot thick exterior walls made from 4,000 -- 6,000 PSI-hardened concrete. There's even a spring system to absorb the blast.

2. Nuclear contamination fears are a thing of the past

Worried about turning into a radioactive ghoul? Have no fear. The bunker includes decontamination showers, a secure air intake system, and a first-aid room for your own private medical staff.

3. You can build a community

Bring your family -- or your community's best and brightest for the future -- there are 12 bedrooms to host your nearest and dearest. And the living is suite. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and living space. Also, there five bedrooms designated for your underground staff.

4. Rations can be a good thing

Not looking forward to years of YumYum Deviled Eggs or the explosive taste of Sugar Bombs for breakfast every morning? You won't have to. The bunker comes with a commercial kitchen and two of every appliance.

5. Children will still be the future

Your kids won't have to give up an education for life underground. There's a theater room that doubles as a large classroom.

6. Work can go on

Working from home takes on a whole new meaning here. The bunker comes equipped with a workroom and two broadband lines with a static IP address.

7. You'll stay entertained

It isn't all work and no play. Want to pick up a hobby? Try the workshop. Looking to let off a little steam? Head to the media and game room. Want to relax in the evening and catch up on the "Real Housewives"? There's a home theater for that.

8. You'll be ready for life above ground, too

Once you're ready to poke your head above the surface, you'll have plenty to help you get accustomed to the new way of life. The bunker's outdoor spaces include a four-car garage for holding your military-grade vehicles. There's also a 100-yard firearm range so you can practice your skills before facing those deathclaws.