A 'Traditionally Tiny' House Basks in the Sun Near the Russian River

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Tiny houses are hot right now, but this diminutive pad in Guerneville, CA, was way ahead of the trend. Built in 1951, this one-bedroom home is "traditionally tiny," jokes agent Nathan Genovese.

But the 496-square-foot abode isn't for people who plan on spending the day cooped up. It's near the Russian River and situated on a 5,049-square-foot heavily wooded lot, which is the property's main selling point.

"There's tons of decking, and it feels private even though there are neighbors on either side," Genovese says. The area gets a lot of rain in the winter, but spring is a different story, he adds. "Come April, everyone is out barbecuing every night."

The cozy house certainly isn't lacking in modern conveniences, even if it hasn't been updated much over the years. There's a full bathroom with a shower. The kitchen is snug and the appliances, including the electric range, are a bit dated. In the living room there's a wood-burning stove, which is the home's main heat source. The house gets city water but has its own septic system, which Genovese says is common for homes in the area.

In addition to the full bedroom, there's a loft with room for a full-size bed. Also, potential buyers and guests should be prepared to wake with the sun. "This is not a house where you can sleep in," Genovese says of the light-flooded home. Despite being surrounded by old-growth trees, including redwoods, the house gets tons of sunshine streaming through the large windows and skylights.

Listed for $299,000, the house was built as a weekend property, and that's how Genovese says he's marketing it. Guerneville has long been an eclectic vacation-home community, and a traditionally gay one at that, so this would make a great secondary residence for a same-sex couple from San Francisco who are looking for a weekend getaway.

However, the agent says the house would be manageable as a full-time residence, noting that it's located in one of Sonoma County's best school districts. After all, even if Guerneville homeowners aren't living in the home full time, they're still paying taxes.

Offers will be reviewed on Monday, and Genovese says he expects to get about eight, with the house likely selling for about 10% over asking price. Based on the number of cars trailing him as he put out "For Sale" signs, we think he has a good shot.

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