A Smash Hit: Pop Star Jason Derulo Is Selling 'Signature' Home in Florida

Whatcha say: Pop star Jason Derulo is trading in his Coconut Creek, FL, digs for the equally sunny climes of Los Angeles. The 25-year-old Florida native bought the gated residence in 2012, but his nonstop schedule means he's hasn't put any wear or tear on the place. "He's never home," says Colleen Kaye, the co-listing agent on the $2.9 million property.

Still, when he was home in Florida, he managed to get some work done. He converted the guesthouse into a recording studio, where he worked on his hit single "Want to Want Me." In the main house, the multitalented performer added a mirrored dance studio, a game room, and marble floors. Outside, he added travertine patios.

The home is "Mediterranean on the outside, modern on the inside," says Kaye. The recording artist decorated with his favorite colors, according to the agent: black, red, and white. "He has great taste," Kaye adds.

When asked where the young performer gets his sense of style, Derulo's mother, Jocelyne Desrouleaux, who was hanging out with the agent, jumped in with her opinion that his style was the result of great genes.

"All his great taste comes from [his mom], but all the modern is just Jason," Kaye clarifies.

Potential buyers are getting more than a home. They're getting a slice of stardom. "It's Jason's taste. It's like having his signature," Kaye says. At almost $3 million, it's one pricey autograph.

While an eye for aesthetics is important, privacy is also paramount for celebs. The "So You Think You Can Dance" judge added a wall around the house to deter any prying eyes.

And although it sounds like Derulo didn't spend much time as a couch potato, a buyer will likely cherish downtime in the house. The 11,000-square-foot manse has seven bedrooms, four of which are master suites, according to the agent. And, she adds, "They're ginormous."

Derulo has come a long way, fast. The talented musician got his start writing songs for stars such as Lil Wayne and Pitbull, then burned up the charts when he launched his solo career in 2009 with the hit single "Whatcha Say." The megastar has sold over 50 million singles to date.

With fame came tours, travel, and long hours. Surely a quiet crib appealed. This residence is located on 2 acres, one of which is a nature preserve. The exclusive address is across from the Adios Golf Club. "It's secluded and surrounded by other houses that are mansions as well. It's a private little area that honestly no one knows of," Kaye adds.

It's safe to say, Derulo has put the little-known locale on the map.

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