A casino condominium?

Las Vegas is home to some of the most renowned casinos in the world. So it only makes sense to bring the casino environment to the comfort of your home, right?

That's exactly the case at the Turnberry Towers in Vegas, where you'll find a two-story condominium with, you guessed it, a full-blown casino.

"There's over 10 slot machines with different games, a craps table, a blackjack table, a dollar table…we have everything you'll find in a casino," Zar Zanganeh, owner and broker of Luxe Estates, says.

The upscale Turnberry Towers community is literally shouting distance from the Strip and is home to some of the most lavish penthouses in the city.

"We've sold the most expensive penthouse three years in a row and hopefully this will be the next one," Zaganeh says.

But for folks looking to purchase this condominium/mini-casino, let's hope you hit the jackpot, since it's price tag sits at $8.9 million.

"This is at the very top tier," Zanganeh says. "We only have one penthouse that compares to this…but it doesn't have anything unique like this one with the casino feature."