There’s a chill in the air that can mean only one thing: Winter is around the corner. It’s the time of year when nothing seems more appealing than crawling under the covers and hibernating all season long, and all we want is for our bedrooms to be warmer, softer and cozier. Good news! There’s no need to completely overhaul your bedroom at the first sign of snow. All you need are a few simple additions to transform your bedroom into an inviting winter escape.

1. Add texture with throws and pillows. If you’re looking for winter inspiration for your bedroom, look no further than your closet. All of the rich textures and luxurious materials that you love to wear during the winter — cable knit, fur, velvet, leather — can be incorporated into your bedroom design with textured pillows and throws. Don’t worry about sticking to one texture; layering several elements will help bring depth and dimension to your bedroom, creating a warm and cozy feeling that’s ideal for hibernating.

My favorite winter accent for the bedroom? A faux-fur throw. Draped casually over the foot of the bed or on an accent chair, it’s beautiful and perfect for snuggling on chilly nights.

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2. Scatter lighting around the room. With shorter days and longer nights, look to indoor lighting to replace the warmth that’s missing from the lack of sunshine. Instead of using a single lighting source, scatter lights around the room to create a glow that makes your bedroom feel like it’s illuminated from within.

Incandescent lightbulbs on a dimmer switch will give off a very warm, almost orange light that mimics the warm glow of the sun. For maximum impact, try adding an overhead multibulb lighting fixture like a chandelier, sconces flanking the bed (perfect for reading in bed) and some candles on your bedside table for a hit of Danish hygge.

3. Switch to flannel. Nothing beats staying in bed on chilly winter nights reading a good book or having a Netflix binge. Make the most of your time in bed by switching out your summer cotton or linen sheets for cuddle-worthy flannel ones. Flannel is woven with a fluffy surface, which not only is super soft but holds in heat, helping you to stay warmer while you sleep.

4. Introduce lighter colors. Take a note from oh-so-trendy Scandinavian design and incorporate a few lighter colors into your bedroom. Scandinavian winters are known for being not just cold but long and dark, and the need for light is so inherent that most homes base their entire design around capturing it.

Try incorporating shades of milky white, pale blue and cloud gray into your bedroom. They will accentuate any light that does come in during the day, giving your bedroom that brightness that you’re craving.

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5. Get down with a down duvet. Even with your coziest pajamas and a pair of thick socks on, it can sometimes feel impossible to get warm enough for a comfortable sleep. When the temperature drops, try switching from a blanket to a heavier-weight duvet filled with 100 percent goose down. Unlike a blanket, goose down is breathable and adjusts to your body’s temperature, keeping you toasty in the winter (and on the flip side, cool in the summer).

For winter, look for a goose down duvet with a baffle-box construction for optimal thermal insulation. Baffles are vertical walls of fabric sewn to connect the top and bottom ticking layers, creating a grid inside the duvet. The compartments created by the baffle construction allow the goose down to maintain its loft (fill power) and prevent it from shifting, ensuring that the duvet maintains its thermal properties. In short, a goose down duvet will ensure a warm, comfortable sleep even on the most frigid of nights.