4 Cool Projects for Your Leftover Pieces of Marble

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After you finish a big remodel, there's a good chance you'll find yourself tired, satisfied, suffused in pride -- and swimming in an unwieldy pile of scraps left over from your various renovations. Don't dump those quality remnants -- and don't even consider piling them haphazardly in a corner of your garage. In this new DIY series, we focus on ways to transform your construction leftovers into something special and beautiful.

This installment focuses on marble.

Whether you have a sheet of the stuff or smaller pieces in the form of tiles, there's always something you can do to repurpose them brilliantly. If you need to cut your leftover marble into a specific shape, you can do it yourself with a circular saw (or, even better, a wet saw). What, you don't have a circular saw?! It's OK -- most places where you can buy marble will also cut it for you.

Drink coasters

If your bathroom remodel left you with extra marble tiles -- or you feel like cutting some down to size -- it's easy to transform them into chic coasters (pictured above) that are "practical, functional, and stylish," according to Kerry Bindernagel, the blogger behind Burritos and Bubbly.

All you need for this simple DIY project is cork, glue, a sponge, and marble sealer, which helps prevent stains and liquids from ruining the marble surface.

"Guests are always surprised to find out that not only did we make them ourselves, but they were really easy," says Bindernagel.

The end result? An awesome perch for your favorite drinks -- which perfectly matches your tiling.

-- -- --

Vanity tray

Leftover marble is the perfect material for your vanity. Beautiful jewelry deserves a gorgeous home -- so what better backdrop is there? Blogger Natalie from My Little Secrets created this DIY marble vanity tray by repurposing a marble baking slab (you can use a marble floor tile instead).

She says the project took less than 10 minutes, with most of that time spent waiting for the paint to dry. Dress it up with two cabinet handles, making this project a great opportunity to use up more of your construction leftovers.

-- -- --

Wood and marble cutting board

Has a major kitchen reno left you with lots of extra marble and wood? Use them both in this elegant dual-surface cutting board featured in The Merrythought. Bonus: The matching materials will make your kitchen seem that much more put-together.

While this DIY project requires a scroll saw and some familiarity with woodworking, the instructions are simple enough for most to follow. The end result -- a multicolor, mixed-media cutting board -- will look like it was plucked from Pinterest.

-- -- --

Hexagonal serving plates

Want to class up your next party? These hexagonal serving plates from Sugar & Cloth are the perfect vessel for stacking cakes and treats for serving. Or you could use them as day-to-day storage on your coffee table or kitchen counters.

"I love the look of marble boards, but the price tag of the store-bought versions can be pretty pricey," says Ashley Rose, the blog's founder. If you're using leftover slabs from your latest construction project, the project costs next to nothing. However, even if you're buying new, it's still quite cheap.

Like Rose, you can add gold leaf around the boards' edges -- or leave it natural. Either way, the project takes "under five minutes," says Rose.