13 Reasons to Buy Michigan's Granot Loma, 'The Largest Log Cabin in the World'

Located near Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior in the state's Upper Peninsula, Michigan's most expensive home is a private refuge that measures in at 36,000 square feet.

With miles of shoreline, beaches, and bluffs, it offers plenty to do outdoors. There's also room for many indoor activities when the weather gets chilly. Read on for more reasons to plunk down $40 million on this Paul Bunyan -- esque getaway.

1. It's the world's biggest spite house

Legend says Louis G. Kaufman, a homebuilder and wealthy financier, was banned from the region's exclusive Huron Mountain Club, possibly due to his Jewish or Native American ancestry. His response: Granot Loma, whose 26,000-square-foot main lodge is now the " largest log cabin in the world." Its construction cost $5 million in 1923 -- or $70 million today.

2. The piano has a history

Legendary composer George Gershwin once visited Granot Loma -- and the Steinway grand piano he played is still there, currently located in the game room.

3. The views are Superior

Because Kaufman built the home just a few feet from the shore of Lake Superior, nearly every room in the main lodge offers water views. However, you'll be amazed by the views from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the great room.

"They let you take in the whole atmosphere of the lake," says the listing agent, Realtor Bob Sullivan. "The views and environment is incredible for when you want to catch the weather and the waves."

4. You can put away your piles of blankets

Despite its lakeside location, your new Michigan mansion will never let you shiver. How could you be cold with 26 fireplaces? The showstopper: the 18-foot-wide stone fireplace in the great room. And even after the fires die, your toes will remain toasty thanks to the home's propane gas -- steam heating system.

5. It has the greatest reading nook

Next to the enormous fireplace in the great room is a "little cubbyhole where you can sit and read a book," says Sullivan. "It's one of the home's coolest features."

6. It comes with a private island and a boathouse

If nearly 5,000 acres aren't enough seclusion for you, then you can go to your own private island located just offshore. "But how will I get there?" you ask. By boat, which you can store downstairs in the indoor boathouse. You can also explore the property's nearly four miles of lakefront.

7. Everything is hand-carved

Hanging from the great room's astonishing 24-foot-high ceiling is a chandelier containing more than 80 hand-carved figurines. Want more intricate carvings? All the bedroom doors -- all 23 of them -- feature carved wooden latches.

"It goes on and on like that," says Sullivan.

8. It has a real chef's kitchen

Read enough about real estate and you'll get tired of seeing the term "chef's kitchen" used to describe every single kitchen. Here it actually means something: The 600-square-foot kitchen, modeled after the one in the White House, offers "every imaginable appliance," Sullivan says. There are even walk-in coolers, rotisseries, and grills.

"You could feed a hundred people with this kitchen," he says.

9. You can grow your own food

The property comes with a farm, which is located about a half-mile from the lodge. While it's not currently in use, the farm is in "good shape" for any future homeowners seeking to reach a new level of sustainable living. The farm's front yard features an orchard with apple and pear trees -- and a few artistically placed vintage farm equipment.

10. You can generate your own power

You may be living in the world's most awesome -- and biggest -- lodge, but that doesn't mean you have to hurt the environment. Get your power from the land: A wind turbine supplies most of the electricity used by the property.

11. You get dozens of buildings

Not satisfied with the lodge? Fine. Move into one of the other houses: Pick among the five-bedroom or three-bedroom homes on the farm, or the pool house, or any other of the nearly two dozen buildings. Some might need to be renovated, but with some love, they're all habitable.

12. You can go fishin'

If the lodge hasn't offered you enough ways to relax, go fishing. Two trout streams, which are "highly renowned in this area," run through the land, says Sullivan.

13. You can run a small business

If you've dreamed of running a bed-and-breakfast or establishing your own vineyard and winery, the property allows you to give either a shot.

"The setting is amazing," says Sullivan. "Someone could establish a winery there, or a bed-and-breakfast, or host weddings. There's plenty of parking. It's literally a world-class setting."

Whatever your aspirations, this is the place to make them come true.