WSJ: Cruz's terror plan just as bad as Obama's

The Wall Street Journal says Sen. Marco Rubio is the best pick when it comes to national security, and is comparing his rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, to President Obama when it comes to defeating terrorism.

The conservative paper's editorial board praised Rubio this week for supporting a supposedly nuanced approach to defeating the Islamic State, one that calls for faction-building in the Middle East. The board then dismissed Cruz's approach, saying that his bomb-them-all strategy is as just as unworkable as the White House's current plan.

"The bomb-them-and-come-home line is the easier political case, since it offers to punish the enemy at little cost — also like Mr. Obama. But the problem is that even 'carpet-bombing,' in Mr. Cruz's Curtis LeMay-ish phrase, won't be enough to remove Islamic State from its territory, much less defeat it," the board wrote this week.

"We need Sunni Arab allies on the ground, and those won't arrive in enough numbers without a greater U.S. commitment to the fight," they added, after praising Rubio's strategy. "The interventionists are more honest, as a President … Cruz would discover on his first day in office."