Wisconsin's Newest Senator-elect is Ready to Take on Health Care, Spending

Oshkosh WI- "I hope the Obama administration got the message!" said a triumphant but exhausted looking Ron Johnson to the media surrounding him.

The Republican businessman-turned-politician just won the race for Wisconsin's Senate seat from three time incumbent, Democrat Russ Feingold. "A very strong signal has been sent across the nation...its a clear message to the folks left in Washington," he said.

It was a hard won battle in the Badger state. Millions were spent by both sides. Attack ads were plentiful.

Across Wisconsin, large campaign signs still sit on front lawns or shoot up from cornfields in rural areas. Down one stretch of intrastate, three "Ron Johnson" posters stand at attention across the road from three "Russ Feingold" posters, as if ready to wage battle. Johnson defeated Feingold by about 5 percentage points.

Johnson said his biggest priorities when he gets to Washington is to review the health care bill, and "to work with anybody who understands that this spending into debt is unsustainable."

With Republicans controlling the Senate and Democrats keeping control of the House, one political analyst said "getting things accomplished might be very  difficult."  But Johnson says that after 31 years in manufacturing, he's ready. When asked how he planned to figure things out in Washington, since he had never worked in that capacity before, he said with a smile "I'm a quick study."