White House Briefing: phones are ringing off the hook

Most days at the White House, the two minute warning is given and that means people turn off their cell phones..but not today!

In the middle of Robert Gibbs' daily briefing today, right when he was talking about the big news about the torture photos, a cell phone started ringing. And it wasn't just a ring, it was a little ditty of a tone. And Gibbs paused. And then he started speaking again. And then it rang again. Same phone, same tune.  While the press corps started laughing, Gibbs walked down from the podium, took the phone from the offender, confiscated it and deposited it in the offices behind the podium.

Then just as Gibbs began speaking again, yet another cell phone rang! This time, the reporter decided he'd rather speak on it and leave the briefing than have his phone confiscated by the White House Press Secretary.