What topics are discussed most at the 2016 debates?

Talk of taxes has dominated the presidential debates this election cycle. Taxes have been mentioned three times as often as Obamacare.

Staff at The 74, a nonprofit news site covering education, downloaded the transcripts for the six presidential debates so far. They then counted how many times various terms have been raised, largely to show education issues are getting ignored at presidential debates.

Taxes have come up most often, with 150 mentions. Hillary Clinton is second, but with just over half as many mentions.

College is the education topic that has come up most often, with 61 mentions. Education has been mentioned 27 times. Even though Common Core is so widely-despised among conservatives, the controversial academic standards have only been mentioned just nine times. The Department of Education has come up only four times, while "K-12" has never been said at a debate this cycle. The 74 didn't give party breakdowns for every term, but the group did say that Democrats have mentioned college three times as often as Republicans.

Immigration is a hot-button issue for Republicans, but it has still come up one-third as often as taxes. The phrase "build a wall" has been uttered 12 times among the various candidates.

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