Among the bevy of press releases the White House sent to show support for the jobs plan President Obama presented to Congress, there was one titled "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Backs American Jobs Act." But the White House may have been too soon in announcing the Republican governor's support for the proposal.

Just over a half hour after the initial release went out, the White House press office sent a corrected release titled "Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on American Jobs Act," removing the assertion he "backs" the whole proposal.

The new title played down what initially appeared to be Snyder's endorsement of the plan. While he agrees with some aspects of it, such as infrastructure spending in the Wolverine State, a Snyder spokeswoman says the governor isn't ready to support the whole thing.

"Not on the full plan," said Snyder Press Secretary Sara Wurfell. "We need to take a closer look at it and see."

Snyder did note in his statement that Michigan has already implemented many proposals similar to the president's on a state level and noted infrastructure spending could help fund projects the state hopes to complete.

"[Thursday night] the president called for key infrastructure projects that will boost our economy," Snyder's statement read.

Doug Luzader contributed to this report.