After a lengthy vote sequence finished on the House floor, but before Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., walked back to the Rayburn office building for an interview with Fox News' Bret Baier, the congressman took a few moments to chat up the media in the Speaker's Lobby off the House floor.

What followed was a testy and contentious exchange as a horde of at least 40 reporters pushed to get close to him. But the tete-a-tete was simultaneously filled with an onslaught of double entendres offered up by Weiner which had the press guffawing and in stitches.

"It was a big mistake I made yesterday when I said I was bound and determined not to let this become a story for four more days," Weiner said. "I'm sorry I was a little stiff yesterday."

Weiner said he was not yet ready to refer this incident to the U.S. Capitol Police.

"I've retained a firm that is going to give us opinions," Weiner added, defending his reasoning for not asking for the USCP investigation. "We don't know where the photograph came from."

Weiner also noted that "the jokes just kind of write themselves at this point" as he continued to lace his comments with innuendo.

"We know for sure I didn't send this photograph," Weiner said. "I was Tweeting at the time. I was Tweeting about a hockey game at the time."

Weiner also suggested that his surname, which is often lampooned by comedians, may be one of the reasons he may have been targeted.

"A congressman named Weiner, who has a rather edgy, aggressive Twitter feed was poking at Justice Clarence Thomas," Weiner said. "Maybe if my name was hamburger the picture would have been of something else."

Weiner even injected the War on Terror into his colloquy with reporters.

"Maybe this is the tip of Al Qaeda's sword," Weiner said in reference to lewd picture of his privates in boxers that was sent on his Twitter feed.

Weiner noted that he has 45,000 Twitter followers.

"That's more than (Rep.) Michele Bachmann. I finally passed her," said Weiner of the potential Republican presidential candidate.