Weekly video addresses; President Obama talks health care, Rep. King on terror

Watch President Obama’s weekly address here.

Watch the GOP address with Rep. King (R-NY) here.

Today in in his weekly radio and internet address, President Obama emphasized the benefits of the health care legislation he is hoping to sign soon. Particularly, he highlighted what protections and benefits he says will take effect this year, giving examples like people with pre-existing conditions will be able to buy affordable health insurance and insurance companies being required to offer free preventive care tocustomers and can't drop coverage when someone becomes sick.

"Now, it'll take a few years to fully implement these reforms in a responsible way," the president said. "But what every American should know is that once I sign health insurance reform into law, there are dozens of protections and benefits that will take effect this year."

The House and Senate are still hammering out their versions of the health care bill and trying to reconcile it into one final bill and get it to the president’s desk by his State of the Union address, which is expected to be later this month or early February.

In the GOP weekly address, Rep. King (R-NY), ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, discussed the war on terror and what the US needs to do to protect itself.  Congressman King said the United States “will stop at nothing to protect our homeland.”  Rep. King questions if the country has learned its lesson after the failed Christmas airplane terror plot.

He added that "terrorists still have innocent people in their sights and the will to murder them" and that "September 11th is not ancient history it's all too real.”